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As a subscriber, you can share full articles with your network by using our unique share links. These links begin with "go" and are available to you in the following places:

1. To the right of the article byline / above the picture. Click the 'share full article' button and a box will pop up with an option to copy the 'go' link, enter in an email (or multiple emails separated by a comma) or share on Facebook and Twitter.

The "go" link will be located in the middle of the "Send this story" box. You can copy the link by clicking "copy link."

You can also enter in the email address of the person you wish to send the article to and click "Send."


2. At the bottom of every article email.


Share link FAQ

Can I send unlimited articles to my team?

  • The share links are a great way to get your team accustomed to our content, but if you envision wanting your team to have access long-term, everyone will need their own subscription as there is a limit on the number of articles that can be read for free before someone must subscribe. We offer group discounts for teams of 10+. For more information on group subscriptions, email

If I send an article to a friend, what happens next?

  • We'll send your friend an email with a unique link to a free version of the article. They will also begin receiving emails from us including our weekly digest. They can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

My friend clicked the "go" link but can only see a preview of the article. Why?

  • After clicking a "go" link, your friend should see a box where they will need to enter their email address and then click 'Read Article.' We'll then unlock the article to read for free. If your friend can still only see a preview, they should make sure they are logged out first by clicking here and then they should try opening the go link again. They can also try opening the go link in an incognito/private browsing window. If your friend still cannot access the article, they have likely reached the limit on free articles.





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