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Our subscribers are continuing the conversation everyday in The Information Backchannel, our subscribers-only Slack group. If you're a current subscriber email and we'll send you the invite!

Slack group FAQ

My subscriber email address and main Slack email address are different. Can you send the invite to my Slack email address?

  • Slack requires separate logins for every team so there are no joint accounts. To make sure we keep Slack subscriber-only, we need to use your subscription email. Slack's desktop and mobile apps make it very easy to switch between teams.
    • Download Slack desktop and mobile apps here.

Slack article notifications

Do you want to receive instant Slack notifications to your desktop and mobile devices whenever we publish an article? Join our Slack group and then follow the below directions to receive notifications.

1. Once signed-in to the Slack Backchannel team, click "CHANNELS" on the main lefthand navigation bar.
2. Browse the list of channels or type in "article" and you should see the "article_notifications" channel. Click on the channel box or "preview."
3. Click "Join Channel."
4. If you would like to update desktop and mobile notifications for this channel only, click the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the #article_notifications channel page. (Do not go to your main Slack settings for this)

5. Click on "Notification preferences..."
6. Choose your preferred desktop and mobile notification settings and click "Done."
7. If you chose to activate mobile notifications, make sure push notifications are also enabled for the Slack app directly on your phone.  
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